Man Dhaga Dhaga Jodte Nava Serial | मान धागा धागा जोडते नवा | Cast, Divya Pugaonkar, Abhishek Rahalkar, Star Pravah | Exclusive 2024

Serial Name

  • Man Dhaga Dhaga Jodte Nava | मान धागा धागा जोडते नवा

TV Channel

Man Dhaga Dhaga Jodte Nava Plot

Man Dhaga Dhaga Jodte Nava Serial: After leaving a difficult marriage, Aanandi hoped to begin fresh. But it wasn’t easy because others criticized her for being divorced. Even though she showed courage by leaving a tough situation, people’s opinions made it tough for her to find happiness. Being labeled as divorced constantly reminded her of her past, making it challenging to move ahead without being judged.


Main Cast

  • Divya Pugaonkar As Anandi Devendra Vartak / Anandi Sarthak Rajadhyaksh
  • Abhishek Rahalkar As Sarthak Arvind Rajadhyaksh

Other Cast

  • Rajshree Nikam as Malati Devendra Vartak
  • Ramesh Wani as Devendra Vartak
  • Shubhangi Latkar as Sudha Arvind Rajadhyaksh
  • Pushkar Sarad as Manoj Vartak
  • Neha Waze-Paranjape as Leena Vartak
  • Ninad Deshpande as Arvind Rajadhyaksh
  • Ashwini Mukadam as Vrunda Rajadhyaksh
  • Pranita Achrekar as Shalaka Rajadhyaksh
  • Sohan Nandurdikar as Kedar Rajadhyaksh
  • Ranjeet Jog as Adarsh Rajadhyaksh
  • Hemangi Kavi as Gayatri Vartak
  • Dhananjay Gosavi as Anshuman Surve
  • Snehalata Maghade as Reshma
  • Namrata Sumiraj as Shaku
  • Ananda Karekar as Benare

Title Song


Man Dhaga Dhaga Jodte Nava Serial

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