Yed Lagla Premach Serial | येड लागलं प्रेमाचं | Cast, Vishal Nikam, Pooja Birari, Star Pravah | Exclusive 2024

Yed Lagla Premach Serial

Yed Lagla Premacha is a new serial that is going to premiere on Star Pravah. This TV show will star Vishal Nikam and Pooja Birari in the main roles. It will be exciting to find out when the new show will begin and which old show will say goodbye to viewers after ‘Yed Lagal Premach’ starts. … Read more

Kunya Rajachi Ga Tu Rani Serial | कुन्या राजाची गं तू राणी | Cast, Harshad Atkari, Sharvari Jog, Purneima Dey, Star Pravah | Exclusive 2024

Kunya Rajachi Ga Tu Rani Serial

Serial Name TV Channel Kunya Rajachi Ga Tu Rani Plot Kunya Rajachi Ga Tu Rani Serial: The story is about Gunja, who was born in a small village in Maharashtra to her mother Babhali and her stepfather, a leader in the tribal community. One day, a journalist named Kabir visits their village to interview Gunja’s … Read more

Man Dhaga Dhaga Jodte Nava Serial | मान धागा धागा जोडते नवा | Cast, Divya Pugaonkar, Abhishek Rahalkar, Star Pravah | Exclusive 2024

Man Dhaga Dhaga Jodte Nava Serial

Serial Name TV Channel Man Dhaga Dhaga Jodte Nava Plot Man Dhaga Dhaga Jodte Nava Serial: After leaving a difficult marriage, Aanandi hoped to begin fresh. But it wasn’t easy because others criticized her for being divorced. Even though she showed courage by leaving a tough situation, people’s opinions made it tough for her to … Read more

Shubhvivah Serial | शुभविवाह | Cast, Yashoman Apte, Madhura Deshpande, Star Pravah | Exclusive 2024

Shubhvivah Serial

Serial Name TV Channel Plot Shubhvivah Serial: She’s dreamy-eyed, he’s childlike! Circumstances force Bhumi to marry Akash, who suffers from age regression. Shubhvivah Cast Main Cast Other Cast Title Song Poster Hotstar Link Related Posts Share This:

Muramba Serial | मुरांबा | Cast, Shashank Ketkar, Shivani Mundhekar, Nishani Borule, Star Pravah | Exclusive 2024

Muramba Serial Star Pravah

Serial Name TV Channel Plot Muramba Serial: This is about two really close friends who are always there for each other, no matter what. But things get complicated when they both start having feelings for the same guy. Muramba Serial Cast Main Cast Other Cast Poster Title Song Hotstar Link to check other Marathi … Read more

Lagnachi Bedi Serial | लग्नाची बेडी | Sayali Deodhar, Sanket Pathak, Revati Lele, Cast, Star Pravah | Exclusive 2024

Lagnachi Bedi Serial

Serial Name TV Channel Lagnachi Bedi Plot Lagnachi Bedi Serial: Sindhu, a kind girl and recent medical graduate, dreams of becoming a surgeon in Mumbai. Across the story, she meet Raghav, a guy aiming to be a police officer, coming from a big family with lots of different thoughts. Things get interesting when Raghav and … Read more

Tuzech Mi Geet Gaat Aahe Serial | तुझेच मी गीत गात आहे | , Star Pravah | Exclusive 2024

Tuzech Mi Geet Gaat Aahe Serial

Serial Name TV Channel Tuzech Mi Geet Gaat Aahe Plot Tuzech Mi Geet Gaat Aahe Serial: Malhar Kamat, a talented singer, falls for Vaidehi, a simple village girl. Their hidden marriage gets complicated when Malhar must choose between his music career and Vaidehi. Sadly, he picks music, leaving Vaidehi and marrying Monika Rajadhyaksha, a wealthy … Read more

Aai Kuthe Kay Karte Serial | आई कुठे काय करते | Cast, Madhurani Gokhale, Omkar Govardhan, Milind Gawali, Deepali Pansare, Rupali Bhosale,Star pravah | Exclusive 2024

Aai Kuthe Kay Karte Serial

Serial Name TV Channel Director First Episode Date Language Aai Kuthe Kay Karte Plot Aai Kuthe Kay Karte Serial: Meet Arundhati, a woman in her middle years who has dedicated herself to taking care of her husband, Anirudh, and their children. But life takes a twist when Anirudh starts seeing someone else, Sanjana, from his … Read more

Lakshmichya Pavalani Serial | लक्ष्मीच्या पाऊलांनी, Akshar Kothari, Isha Keskar, Star Pravah | Exclusive 2024

Lakshmichya Pavalani Serial

Serial Name TV Channel Plot Lakshmichya Pavalani Serial: Kala and Adwait come from different backgrounds and don’t like each other much. But they end up getting married due to fate, and eventually, love wins. Kala is the second daughter in the Khare family. She works hard as an artist to support her family financially by … Read more

Premachi Goshta Serial | प्रेमाची गोष्ट, Tejashri Pradhan, Raj Hanchnale, Ira Parwade, Apurva Nemlekar, Star Pravah | Exclusive 2024

Premachi Goshta Serial

Serial Name TV Channel Premachi Goshta Plot Premachi Goshta Serial: The story takes place in a neighborhood called Bandra and mainly focuses on two neighbors: Dr. Mukta Gokhale, a children’s dentist, and Sagar Koli, known as “SK,” who is a CEO. Mukta becomes friends with Sai after rescuing her from an accident, but she’s surprised … Read more

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