Lakshmichya Pavalani Serial | लक्ष्मीच्या पाऊलांनी, Akshar Kothari, Isha Keskar, Star Pravah | Exclusive 2024

Serial Name

  • Lakshmichya Pavalani | ठरलं तर मग

TV Channel


Lakshmichya Pavalani Serial: Kala and Adwait come from different backgrounds and don’t like each other much. But they end up getting married due to fate, and eventually, love wins.

Kala is the second daughter in the Khare family. She works hard as an artist to support her family financially by selling her artwork. Nayna, her older sister, is favored by their mother because of her beauty. Sangita, another sister, dreams of marrying Nayna off to a wealthy man. Interestingly, Adwait falls in love with Nayna, which complicates things further.


Lakshmichya Pavalani Serial


Main Cast

  • Akshar Kothari as Adwait Chandekar
  • Isha Keskar as Kalanidhi Khare

Other Cast

  • Kishori Ambiye as Sangita Khare
  • Dhruva Datar as Rahul Chandekar
  • Rutwik Talwalkar as Soham Chandekar
  • Deepali Pansare as Rohini Chandekar
  • Manjusha Godse as Saroj Chandekar
  • Satish Agashe as Shrikant Chandekar
  • Leena Athavale as Rajani Chandekar
  • Milind Oak as Bhalchandra Chandekar
  • Apurva Sapkal as Nayana Khare
  • Rohini Naik as Kajal Khare
  • Abhay Khadapkar as Dinkar Khare

Title Song

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