Kunya Rajachi Ga Tu Rani Serial | कुन्या राजाची गं तू राणी | Cast, Harshad Atkari, Sharvari Jog, Purneima Dey, Star Pravah | Exclusive 2024

Serial Name

  • Kunya Rajachi Ga Tu Rani | कुन्या राजाची गं तू राणी

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Kunya Rajachi Ga Tu Rani Plot

Kunya Rajachi Ga Tu Rani Serial: The story is about Gunja, who was born in a small village in Maharashtra to her mother Babhali and her stepfather, a leader in the tribal community. One day, a journalist named Kabir visits their village to interview Gunja’s stepfather. Due to some unexpected circumstances during a stormy night, Gunja ends up spending the night in Kabir’s room at the Tourist Lodge.

Things get complicated when local customs pressure Kabir to marry Gunja, even though Kabir is already engaged to his girlfriend, Mrunmayee, who lives in the city. Kabir refuses to accept the marriage and leaves the decision up to Gunja. She decides to go with Kabir to the city, taking on the role of a maid. As Gunja settles into her new life, she finds happiness and support from Kabir’s family, who grow fond of her cheerful nature.

Later, Kabir plans to leave Gunja in Dongarwadi. He says he has some business there and takes Gunja along, where they’re welcomed as a couple. However, a disagreement with Kadu ajji and an attempted shooting on Kabir by someone cause chaos. Gunja gets shot while protecting Kabir and is rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, Mrunmayee becomes suspicious of Kabir and confronts him about his relationship with Gunja.

As events unfold, Kabir’s mother learns about Kabir and Gunja’s secret marriage. She decides to help Gunja become independent before they part ways.

Kunya Rajachi Ga Tu Rani Cast

Main Cast

  • Harshad Atkari As Kabir Sarpotdar
  • Sharvari Jog As Gunja Kabir Sarpotdar
  • Purneima Dey As Mrunmayee Kabir Sarpotdar

Other Cast

  • Samidha Guru as Babhali
  • Vrunda Ahire as Madhushree
  • Vanashri Pande as Maya
  • Vasudha Deshpande / Savita Malpekar as Kadu Aaji
  • Priyanka Nar as Reshim
  • Neeta Pendse as Vijaya
  • Rashmi Joshi as Kavita
  • Tanishka Mhadse as Nitya
  • Oren Patil as Naitik
  • Rajan Bhise as Mrunmayee’s father
  • Sanjay Khapare as Satyajeet
  • Vaibhav Rajendra as Budha
  • Amogh Chandan as Subodh
  • Jaypal More as Sarpanch
  • Swapnil Kale as Ranjit

Title Song


Kunya Rajachi Ga Tu Rani Serial


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