Lagnachi Bedi Serial | लग्नाची बेडी | Sayali Deodhar, Sanket Pathak, Revati Lele, Cast, Star Pravah | Exclusive 2024

Serial Name

  • Lagnachi Bedi | लग्नाची बेडी

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Lagnachi Bedi Plot

Lagnachi Bedi Serial: Sindhu, a kind girl and recent medical graduate, dreams of becoming a surgeon in Mumbai. Across the story, she meet Raghav, a guy aiming to be a police officer, coming from a big family with lots of different thoughts.

Things get interesting when Raghav and Rani start liking each other during a trip. But, life throws a curveball, and Vikram loses contact with Rani because of a lost phone. Feeling hurt, Rani ends up getting engaged to Raghav’s brother, Raya.

As life goes on, Sindhu faces a tragic loss—her father dies in a police operation gone wrong, all tangled up with Raghav. Feeling that Raghav is somehow responsible for her dad’s death, Sindhu tries to take her own life. The villagers then push Raghav into marrying Sindhu to take care of her future. But here’s the twist—they don’t exactly warm up to each other as a married couple. The story unfolds further, depicting Sindhu’s life in Raghav’s big family with its own mix of characters. Slowly, love starts to bloom between Sindhu and Raghav.

They decide to get married again. But, of course, life isn’t a smooth ride—Raghav’s enemies create trouble, even attempting harm to Sindhu. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, testing their relationship at every turn.

Lagnachi Bedi Cast

Main Cast

  • Sayali Deodhar as Dr. Sindhu Sawant
  • Sanket Pathak as SP Raghav Ratnaparkhi
  • Revati Lele as Madhurani Deshpande Ratnaparkhi (Rani)

Other Cast

  • Swarali Khomane as Savi Ratnaparkhi
  • Samar Birje as Ankur Ratnaparkhi (Vinayak)
  • Siddhesh Prabhakar as Raya Ratnaparkhi
  • Sumukhi Pendse as Rukmini Ratnaparkhi
  • Milind Adhikari as Ratnakar Ratnaparkhi
  • Rasika Dhamankar as Rajshree Ratnaparkhi
  • Ajay Padhye as Ruturaj Ratnaparkhi
  • Sushma Murudkar as Rutuja Ratnaparkhi
  • Minal Bal as Rajani Ratnaparkhi
  • Madhuri Bharati as Rakhi Ratnaparkhi Joshi
  • Suprit Kadam as Yogesh Joshi
  • Vaishnavi Karmarkar as Anvi Joshi
  • Tanishka Mhadse as Child Anvi
  • Gandhar Kharpudikar as Rishabh Ratnaparkhi
  • Amruta Malwadkar as Reshma Ratnaparkhi
  • Harsha Gupta as Rohini Ratnaparkhi
  • Shreyas Raje as Kanta Mane
  • Vidyadhar Joshi as Janardan Sawant
  • Sanjeevani Jadhav as Shakuntala Sawant
  • Satish Agashe as Manohar Deshpande
  • Smita Shah as Vibhavari Deshpande
  • Tushar Sali as Mangesh
  • Sandeep Gaikwad as Vishal Karnik


Lagnachi Bedi Serial

Title Song

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