Tharala Tar Mag Serial | ठरलं तर मग | Cast, Jui Gadkari, Amit Bhanushali, Star Pravah | Exclusive 2024

Serial Name

  • Tharala Tar Mag | ठरलं तर मग

TV Channel

Tharala Tar Mag Plot

Tharala Tar Mag Serial: This is a story about a cheerful girl named Sayali who grew up in an orphanage. One day, she meets a man named Raviraj, who turns out to be her biological father. But here’s the twist: they don’t know each other’s true identities yet. Sayali is a kind-hearted soul, while Raviraj’s son Arjun is a successful lawyer who defends criminals. Sayali needs legal help for a case involving Madhubhau, who’s wrongly accused of murder by Sakshi with Priya’s assistance.

Arjun’s family wants him to marry Priya, who’s pretending to be someone else. But Arjun has a troubled past, especially because of Sakshi’s betrayal. He doesn’t believe in love or marriage. However, he agrees to help Sayali if she agrees to a fake marriage with him for a year. So, they get married secretly on the day of Arjun’s engagement, and he breaks off the engagement to be with Sayali. They pretend to be a couple in front of Arjun’s family.

As time passes, Arjun starts to see Sayali’s true character and falls for her. Even Arjun’s family begins to admire Sayali. But their happiness doesn’t last long. Sayali is attacked according to the villains’ plan. Arjun rushes her to the hospital, where Pratima secretly donates blood to save her. Later, there’s a twist when Sayali’s medical reports are tampered with to make it seem like she’s pregnant, causing confusion.

During a religious ceremony, Sayali feels a connection to Pratima. She also helps Arjun reconnect with the idea of love and marriage through her actions, even though he struggles to express his feelings. Throughout the story, their bond grows stronger despite the challenges they face.

Tharala Tar Mag Cast

Main Cast

  • Jui Gadkari as Sayali Madhukar / Tanvi Killedar / Sayali Subhedar
  • Amit Bhanushali as Arjun Subhedar

Other Cast

  • Priyanka Tendolkar as Priya Madhukar
  • Monika Dabade as Asmita Shinde
  • Pratik Suresh as Ashwin Subhedar
  • Narayan Jadhav as Madhukar Patil
  • Atul Mahajan as Pratap Subhedar
  • Prajakta Dighe-Kulkarni as Kalpana Subhedar
  • Shilpa Navalkar as Pratima Killedar
  • Sagar Talashikar as Raviraj Killedar
  • Jyoti Chandekar as Annapurna Subhedar
  • Mayuri Mohite as Vimal
  • Mira Jagannath / Ketaki Palav as Sakshi Shikhre
  • Madhav Abhyankar / Mayur Khandge as Mahipat Shikhre
  • Apoorva Ranjankar as Rakesh Killedar
  • Dnyanesh Wadekar as Nagraj Killedar
  • Shraddha Ketkar-Vartak as Suman Killedar
  • Chaitanya Sardeshpande as Chaitanya Gadkari
  • Disha Danade as Kusum Raut

Tharala Tar Mag Serial Star Pravah

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