Nakalat Saare Ghadale Marathi Play, Natak | नकळत सारे घडले | Exclusive 2024

Nakalat Saare Ghadale Natak

About – Nakalat Saare Ghadale Marathi Play: Nakalat Saare Ghadale Natak: Rahul is studying M.B.A. He aspires to become an actor in Bollywood. His dreams are shattered by the entry of his uncle from his maternal side ( Mama). Counsellor Mirani helps both of them unknowingly, to solve their misunderstanding about each other. But will … Read more

Marathi Natak Online Watch Free on Youtube | Exclusive 2024

Marathi Natak Online Watch Free on Youtube

About Marathi Natak Online: Explore the wonderful world of Marathi Theater with collection of Free-To-Watch Natak on YouTube. Join us as we bring you a variety of Noteworthy Performances, from Classic Stories to Evergreen Dramas, all showcasing the Beauty and Richness of Maharashtra’s Cultural Heritage. Whether you’re a Seasoned Fan or new to Marathi Theater, … Read more

Sthal Aale Dhavun Marathi Natak, Play | स्थळ आले धावून | Exclusive 2024

Sthal Aale Dhavun Natak - Play

About – Sthal Aale Dhavun Marathi Play: Sthal Aale Dhavun Natak: It is a humorous, entertaining story about how the owner of a marriage bureau, Sharad Chandratre, a sixty-nine-year-old person, arranges the marriage of a naive teacher of the his age, Subhash Phadtare, and a kirtankar woman named Shravani Mehndale. There are three characters in … Read more

Aajji Bai Jorat Marathi Natak, Play | आज्जीबाई जोरात | Exclusive 2024

Aajji Bai Jorat Natak

About – Aajji Bai Jorat Marathi Play: ‘Aajji Bai Jorat!’ is an AI-based fantasy-comedy play. Nirrmite Saawaant, the superstar of Marathi theatre, shares the stage with Abhinay Berde, son of the late legendary actor Laxmikant Berde. Eminent actors – Mugdha Godbole, Jaywant Wadkar, and Pushkar Shrotri play integral roles in this power-packed entertainer. Writer-Director Kshitij … Read more

Kon Mhanata Takka Dila Marathi Play, Natak | Exclusive 2024

Kon Mhanata Takka Dila Marathi Natak Play

About – Kon Mhanata Takka Dila Marathi Play: Kon Mhanata Takka Dila Marathi Natak: This play has received many awards in 1990 as experimental play now getting produced as a commercial play in a different form. It is an interesting fantasy and satirical play.  Cast Music Set Design Light Design Costumes Production Company Genre Language … Read more

Circuit House Marathi Play, Natak | Exclusive 2024

Circuit House Marathi Play Natak

About – Circuit House Marathi Play: Circuit House Marathi Natak: Politics makes for strange bedfellows they say. The minister in the play “Circuit House” takes this quite literally when he plans to get cozy, with his political rival lady secretary at the Circuit House. Just as the couple is trying to begin their secret rendezvous … Read more

Albattya Galbattya Marathi Play, Natak | Exclusive 2024

Albattya Galbattya Marathi Play Natak

About – Albattya Galbattya Marathi Play: Albattya Galbattya Natak: The art of entertaining children is beautifully captured by the timeless Marathi play – Albattya Galbattya, proudly presented by Zee Marathi. In a larger-than-life scale, enchanting special effects, the play is all set to transport audiences into a magical world where fantasies seem to come to … Read more

Sanjya Chhaya Marathi Play, Natak | Exclusive 2024

Sanjya Chhaya Marathi Natak Play

About – Sanjya Chhaya Marathi Play: Sanjya Chhaya Natak: A Marathi play produced by Jigisha Ashtvinayak is a slice of life comedy. It’s a blend of good content with tongue in cheek humour. ‘Sanjya Chhaya” is a couple who does not indulge in nostalgia and does not bother about the future but who lives in … Read more

Niyam V Ati lagoo Marathi Play, Natak | Exclusive 2024

Niyam V Ati lagoo

About – Niyam V Ati lagoo Marathi Play: Niyam V Ati lagoo Natak: Shaadi Ka Laddu .. Who eats it, regrets it .. Who doesn’t eat it also regrets it… Every married couple has differences, differences of opinion among themselves. Their natures are different. Whether it is a love marriage or a marriage made on … Read more

Yada Kadachit Returns Marathi Play, Natak | Exclusive 2024

Yada Kadachit Returns Marathi Play, Natak

About – Yada Kadachit Returns Marathi Play: Yada Kadachit Returns Natak: Gear up to experience the ever engaging ‘Naman Natya’ form with famous characters like Bahubali, Birbal, Shahenshah, Imran Khan who will enrapture you with their enthusiasm, passion, comedy and indefinite entertainment.  The play brings out an important story by encompassing high beat music, clever … Read more

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