Shiv Thakare Wiki, Biography, Age, Movies, Photos | शिव ठाकरे | Exclusive 2024

Shiv Thakare

Choreographer Dancer Actor Internet Personality About: Shiv Thakare, a Multi-Talented individual, was born on September 9th, 1989, in Amravati, Maharashtra. Growing up in this vibrant state, Shiv cultivated his skills and passion for various forms of Entertainment, eventually becoming a renowned figure in the world of Dance, Acting, and Internet Fame. From his humble beginnings, … Read more

Trupti Rane Wiki, Biography, Age, Music Video Songs, Makeup, Photos | तृप्ती राणे | Exclusive 2024

Trupti Rane

Content Creator Makeup Artist Dancer About: Trupti Rane also known as Bunny, is someone who does a lot of different things. She makes Videos, does Makeup, and loves to Dance. Starting from when she was in school, Trupti has always loved Dancing. Then in 2018, she began making videos on an app called Musically, which … Read more

Saurabh Bhosale Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife, Family, Videos | सौरभ भोसले | Exclusive 2024

Saurabh Bhosale

Public Speaker Storyteller Humourist Entrepreneur Author About: Saurabh Bhosale, born in Koregaon, Satara, Maharashtra, completed his early education in his hometown. Prior to his entrepreneurial journey, he gained experience working at TCS Company. He is the founder of Visioncy, a project initiated with the goal of improving living conditions in rural and semi-urban areas of … Read more

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