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Kshitish Date is a Multifaceted Talent known for his contributions to the world of Theatre, Film, Television, and Web Series. With a diverse portfolio spanning across various mediums, Kshitish Date has left an indelible mark on the Entertainment Industry.

In the dynamic realm of Entertainment, few personalities encapsulate Versatility and Talent like Kshitish Date. As an Actor, Director, and Theatre Artist, Kshitish has woven a tapestry of captivating performances across various Mediums, leaving an indelible mark on Audiences. Let’s embark on a journey through his diverse Talent, from the Silver Screen to the stage and the Digital Domain.

Kshitish Date‘s presence on the silver screen is marked by a series of memorable Performances that have endeared him to Audiences:

In the heartfelt drama “Zindagi Virat” (2017), Kshitish’s portrayal resonated deeply with viewers, showcasing his ability to breathe life into Characters. In “Maza BhirBhira” (2017), he delivered yet another compelling Performance, captivating Audiences with his nuanced portrayal.

His role as Ganya in “Mulshi Pattern” (2018) showcased his Versatility and Range as an Actor, Earning him praise from Critics and Fans alike. In “Bhai – Vyakti Ki Valli 2” (2019), Kshitish portrayed the character of Satish Dubhashi with skills, adding Depth to the Narrative.

The historical Drama “Sarsenapati Hambirrao” (2022) saw Kshitish Date embody the character of Santaji Ghorpade, bringing a revered figure to life on the Silver Screen. His portrayal of Eknath Shinde in “Dharmaveer” (2022) further solidified his reputation as a Versatile Actor capable of tackling diverse Roles with ease.

In the latest offering, “Navardev Bsc. Agri” (2024), Kshitish Date takes on the role of Rajvardhan Patil (Raja), promising yet another captivating performance for audiences to enjoy. Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, “Lockdown Lagna” (2024) showcases Kshitish’s ability to infuse Humor and relatability into his Characters, offering Audiences a much-needed escape.

Kshitish Date‘s journey on the Small Screen has been equally Noteworthy, with each role adding a new dimension to his acting skills: On “Bun Maska” (2016-2017), Kshitish charmed audiences as Chumbak, captivating viewers with his endearing portrayal on Zee Yuva. In “Ti Fulrani” (2018-2019), his portrayal of Anay on Sony Marathi showcased his ability to command the screen with his Presence and Talent.

His Appearance on “Deva Shappath” (2018) on Zee Yuva further highlighted his ability to immerse himself in diverse Roles, captivating Audiences with his Performance. On Sony Marathi’s “Aathshe Khidkya Naushe Daara” (2020), Kshitish added depth to the storyline with his nuanced portrayal, leaving a lasting impact on viewers. Portraying Bal Gangadhar Tilak in “Lokmanya” (2022-2023) on Zee Marathi, Kshitish embodied the spirit of a true patriot, garnering acclaim for his portrayal of the Iconic Figure.

Beyond the confines of the screen, Kshitish Date has left an Permanent Mark on the stage with his Theatrical Performances: In “Praani Maatra Natak”, Kshitish’s acting skills shines through, captivating Audiences with his captivating portrayal.

As a Director, Kshitish acted “ITEM Natak”, demonstrating his creative Vision and Directorial Intelligence, delivering a Memorable Theatrical Experience. In “Adhure Natak”, Kshitish once again showcased his Acting , bringing Depth and Emotion to his character in this Thought-Provoking Production.

With “Minglish Medium” and “Na Kelelya Nondi” under his directorial belt, Kshitish continues to push Boundaries and Explore new horizons in the world of Theatre.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Digital Entertainment, Kshitish has made his presence felt with captivating performances in Web Series: In “Gondya Ala Re” (2019) on ZEE5, Kshitish’s portrayal of Bapurao obsessed Audiences, earning him praise for his nuanced Performance.

On YouTube’s “High Time” (2020), his role as Bipin showcased his Versatility in the Digital Medium, captivating viewers with his compelling Portrayal. His appearance in “Hing, Pustak, Talwar” (2021) further solidified his presence in the Web Series landscape, showcasing his Ability to Captivate Audiences across Digital Platforms. In “Pet Puraan” (2022) on Sony Liv, Kshitish’s portrayal of Rushikesh added depth to the character, further showcasing his versatility as an Actor.

The web series “Blind Date” (2023) saw Kshitish in a compelling role, captivating audiences with his Performance and leaving them eagerly anticipating his next venture.

Kshitish Date’s journey in the World of Entertainment is a testament to his Talent, Versatility, and Dedication. From his captivating performances on the silver screen to his commanding presence on the Small Screen and the Stage, Kshitish has continued to push boundaries and captivate Audiences with his Diverse Roles. As he continues to explore new Avenues and Challenge himself as an Artist, Kshitish Date remains a name to watch out for in the World of Entertainment, promising Audiences many more Memorable Performances to come.

Kshitish Date Biography – Wiki:

NameKshitish Date 
Real NameKshitish Date 
Date of BirthYet to be Updated
Age (as of 2024)Yet to be Updated
FamilyFather: Girish Date
Mother: Rohini Date
Marital StatusMarried
Affairs/GirlfriendRucha Apte
WifeRucha Apte
Educational QualificationYet to be Updated
SchoolPanditrao Agashe School, Pune
CollegeSir Parashurambhau College (SP), Pune
HobbiesTheatre, Acting, Magic,
Birth PlaceMumbai, Maharashtra
HometownPune, Maharashtra
Current CityPune, Maharashtra

Social Media Accounts:

Instagram Followers:40K+ Followers

Short Films:

Dhuka Short Film As Harshu
…And Buddha Smiled! Short Film As Office Peon (voice) on Youtube


Praani Maatra Natak As Actor
ITEM Natak As Director
Adhure Natak As Actor
Minglish Medium As Director
Na Kelelya Nondi As Director


Zindagi Virat (2017)
Maza BhirBhira (2017)
Mulshi Pattern (2018) As Ganya
Bhai – Vyakti Ki Valli 2 (2019) As Satish Dubhashi
Sarsenapati Hambirrao (2022) As Santaji Ghorpade
Dharmaveer (2022) As Eknath Shinde
Navardev Bsc. Agri (2024) As Rajvardhan Patil (Raja)
Lockdown Lagna (2024)

TV Serials:

Bun Maska (2016-2017) As Chumbak on Zee Yuva
Ti Fulrani (2018-2019) As Anay on Sony Marathi
Deva Shappath (2018) on Zee Yuva
Aathshe Khidkya Naushe Daara (2020) on Sony Marathi
Lokmanya (2022-2023) As Bal Gangadhar Tilak on Zee Marathi

Web Series:

Gondya Ala Re (2019) As Bapurao on ZEE5
High Time (2020) As Bipin on Youtube
Hing, Pustak, Talwar (2021) on Planet Marathi
Pet Puraan (2022) As Rushikesh on Sony Liv
Blind Date (2023) Web Series on 1OTT


Kshitish Date 

Kshitish Date 


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