Premachi Goshta Serial | प्रेमाची गोष्ट, Tejashri Pradhan, Raj Hanchnale, Ira Parwade, Apurva Nemlekar, Star Pravah | Exclusive 2024

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  • Premachi Goshta | प्रेमाची गोष्ट

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Premachi Goshta Plot

Premachi Goshta Serial: The story takes place in a neighborhood called Bandra and mainly focuses on two neighbors: Dr. Mukta Gokhale, a children’s dentist, and Sagar Koli, known as “SK,” who is a CEO. Mukta becomes friends with Sai after rescuing her from an accident, but she’s surprised by Sagar’s unkind treatment towards Sai. By coincidence, Mukta meets Pranav at her nephew’s ceremony, stirring up memories of their college romance and the sorrow of her infertility, which led to Pranav calling off their wedding. When Sagar returns from Goa, he avoids meeting Sai because of painful memories involving his wife, Saavni, who cheated on him with his former boss, Harshavardhan.

Mukta agrees to an arranged marriage with Pratik. Meanwhile, Mihir and Mihika face opposition from their families regarding their relationship, which both families reject. Mukta tries to persuade Sagar to support them, but he declines.

Sai gets accidentally locked in a room during The Business Excellence Award ceremony, leading to a misunderstanding between Mukta and Sagar. Sharmila mistakenly gives Sai expired cough syrup, causing Mukta to rush Sai to the hospital without informing Sagar’s family, resulting in Sagar filing a police complaint against Mukta. Madhavi and Purushottam are arrested during the engagement ceremony. Mukta ends her relationship with Pratik after discovering his true colors.

Sagar regrets misunderstanding Mukta after learning the truth about Sai’s condition. Harshavardhan manipulates Saavni to gain custody of Sai, leading to chaos when Saavni presents legal documents to take Sai. After their divorce is finalized, Sagar tries to gain custody of Sai, but the court rules in favor of Saavni.

Sagar faces a tricky situation when his client, Rohit, and Rohit’s wife, Revati, mistakenly assume Mukta is his wife. Sagar convinces Mukta to pretend to be his spouse, and she agrees for Sai’s sake. Later, Rohit is invited by Mihir to the Diwali festival celebrations at Shanti Niwas Apartments. During the event, Rohit and Revati meet Sagar’s family, and eventually, Mukta, Sagar, and Sai celebrate Diwali together, experiencing joy as a family.

Madhavi confronts Sagar angrily for involving Mukta in pretending to be his wife, which leads to a clash between Sagar and Mukta. Later, Madhavi admits her actions to Lucky, who reassures her. Mihika discovers Madhavi’s involvement in locking Indra and tries to apologize to Mihir. However, she’s shocked when she realizes that Mihir was behind circulating her viral video, orchestrated by Lucky seeking revenge on Mihir.

Sagar defends Mihir when Mukta and Mayuresh accuse him of spreading obscene videos of Mihika. Mukta vows to help Saavni win the custody case. During the custody court proceedings, Sai expresses her desire to stay with Mukta rather than the Kolis or Saavni. Mukta tells the judge to grant paternal custody to whoever will keep Sai happy. Jayant and Purushottam decide to unite Mukta and Sagar in marriage for the sake of Sai.

At the resort, the families reject the proposal to unite Mukta and Sagar. Eventually, Mukta and Sagar decide to marry, considering Sai’s well-being, and both families accept this decision. Saavni mistakenly believes that Mukta’s fiancé is Mayuresh. The families joyfully celebrate Mukta and Sagar’s engagement. Sagar reveals to Sai that he is Mukta’s fiancé, which delights Sai. Overwhelmed with emotion, Sai affectionately calls Mukta her mother, making Mukta very happy.

Later, Saavni tries to stop the wedding by lying about Sagar being a bad father to Aditya, their son. Mukta cancels the wedding when she finds out about Sagar hiding the truth, but it’s revealed to be a pretense to make Saavni leave. Eventually, Mukta and Sagar get married in front of Sai and their families.

Mukta’s unexpected appearance in court surprises Saavni and Harshvardhan. During the custody hearing, Sai decides to give joint custody to Mukta and Sagar, despite Mukta’s confusion about Sai’s choice. After reviewing testimony, the court gives joint custody of Sai to Mukta and Sagar and condemns Harshvardhan for manipulating Sai. The Kolis throw a grand party to celebrate Sai’s return home. Harsh tries to take revenge by convincing Sagar that Sai is not his daughter, but Mukta resolves Sagar’s doubts with a DNA test.

Premachi Goshta Cast

Main Cast

  • Tejashri Pradhan as Dr. Mukta Gokhale Koli
  • Raj Hanchnale as Sagar Koli “SK”
  • Ira Parwade as Sai Koli
  • Apurva Nemlekar as Saavni

Other Cast

  • Umesh Ghadge as Jayant “Bapu” Koli
  • Sanjeevani Jadhav as Indra Koli
  • Komal Somare as Swati Koli
  • Aayush Bhide as Lucky Koli
  • Lakshmi Chaporkar as Komal Koli
  • Soham Salunkhe as Aditya Koli
  • Yogesh Kelkar as Purshottam “Puru” Gokhale
  • Shubhangi Gokhale as Madhavi Gokhale
  • Madhuri Bharati as Manjiri Gokhale Paranjape
  • Rushi Rajkiran as Mayuresh “Mayur” Paranjape
  • Mrunali Shirke as Mihika Limaye
  • Rajas Sule as Mihir Bhoir
  • Yash Pradhan as Harshvardhan “Harsh” Adhikari
  • Priya Kamble as Chaya Paranjape
  • Raunak Mirchandani as Pranav Paranjape
  • Bhavika Nikam as Sharmila
  • Deepa Amre as Gulab

Premachi Goshta Poster

Premachi Goshta Serial

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