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AboutPunha Sahi Re Sahi Marathi Play:

Punha Sahi Re Sahi Marathi Natak - Play

Punha Sahi Re Sahi: Watch the Marathi Superstar, Bharat Jadhav in his successful play which has been entertaining the Marathi audience since 15 years. Story of Mr. Madan Sukhatme, a successful businessman who suddenly vanishes. Assuming him dead his lawyer comes up with three different wills and four different beneficiaries according to it. One his second wife Meera, one his long lost Uncle Anna and according to the last will his first wife and their daughter.

Three of the parties want the entire property all by themselves but the only problem is that, there`s no signature of Madan on any of the wills. There are only two ways to come out of this, one, to distribute the property equally and second, if Madan Sukhatme comes and tells which is the final will. And then the game begins.

Three parties find their own Madan Sukhatme, a look alike, Ranga – a truck driver, Hari – a mentally challenged guy and Galgale – over talkative LIC agent. They all train the look alikes they have found as Madan Sukhatme and on the final day original Madan Sukhatme also arrives. All of them under one roof create a total mess and a situation which will make you laugh like crazy.

Sahi re Sahi is surely a must watch laughing ride which will also mesmerize you with a magical experience.


  • Bharat Jadhav in Four Roles


  • Bharat Jadhav Entertainment


  • Ashok Patki

Set Design

  • Pradeep Mulye

Dance Chorographer

  • Mayur Vaidya


  • Mrs. Sarita Bharat Jadhav

Executive Producer

  • Ratnakanth Jagtap


  • Comedy


  • Marathi 


  • 2 hours 15 mins


  • Kedar Shinde


  • Kedar Shinde


  • Raghu Bangera
  • Vijay Gole


  • Prakash Nimkar


  • Omkar Mangesh Dutt


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