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AboutEevlese Rop Marathi Play:

Eevlese Rop Natak: This is the story of Maai and Bapu who are living the second inning of their life. An unexpected guest lands up at their home thanks to their next-door neighbours. The “guest” takes them back down memory lane as events from their past life unfold new stories. Bapu’s carefree attitude is perfectly complemented by Maai’s caring nature, as their life moves ahead slowly. And yet, things take turns in different ways as the husband-wife relationship decodes events differently. Who is this guest? That’s ‘IVALESE ROP’ for you, a play that keeps the audience hooked, right till the end.


  • Leena Bhagwat As Bhanu and Mai (Dual Role)
  • Mangesh Kadam As Madhav and Bapu (Dual Role)
  • Mayuresh Khole
  • Anushka Gite


  • Vijay Gawande

Set Design

  • Pradeep Muley


  • Leena Bhagwat


  • Drama


  • Marathi 


  • 2 Hours 30 Minutes


  • Sai Paranjyape


  • Sai Paranjyape

इवलेसे रोप Poster

Eevlese Rop Marathi Natak Play


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