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Akash Mahale
ArtistSolo TravelerillustratorVlogger


Name:AkashEyess (Instagram)
Real name:Akash Mahale
Profession:Indian film model and actress.
Age:22 (As of 2024)
Hometown:Fashion designer
Current City:Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Relationship Status:Single
Marriage Status:Not Married


  • Meet Akash Mahale, a passionate solo traveler and seasoned adventurer, whose wanderlust knows no bounds.
  • With a keen eye for the extraordinary, Akash has captured the hearts of thousands through his visually stunning travel blogs.
  • Recently catapulted to Instagram stardom, his captivating journey is chronicled in the viral #AkashChalla series.
  • Akash not only explores the world but also adds his artistic touch to his adventures as a talented drawing artist.
  • Combining the thrill of exploration with the finesse of artistry, he brings a unique perspective to every destination.
  • From bustling cityscapes to serene landscapes, Akash’s travelogues are a testament to his diverse interests and appreciation for beauty.
  • Whether hiking through mountains or sketching in quaint cafes, his life is a canvas of experiences waiting to be shared.
  • Akash’s Instagram is a visual feast, inviting followers to join him on a virtual journey through his lens and sketches.
  • Beyond the travel hype, he aims to inspire others to embrace the unknown and celebrate the beauty of cultural diversity.
  • Join the global community of wanderers following #AkashChalla for a daily dose of wanderlust and artistic inspiration.

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Instagram Main Account:Instagram Main Account
Instagram Art Account:Akash Eyes Art Account
Instagram Alternate Id:Instagram Other Account
Threads:Thread Account
Youtube:Youtube Channel Link


Famous For:

#AkashChalla Travel SeriesIllustrator


Travel Series:

#AkashChalla VARANASI
#AkashChalla GOA
#Unplanned HAMPI
#AkashChalla HIMACHAL

Akash Eyess Interview/Podcast About Solo Travelling

Akash Mahale Reels:

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