Wada Chirebandi Marathi Play, Natak | वाडा चिरेबंदी | Exclusive 2024

AboutWada Chirebandi Marathi Play:

Wada Chirebandi is the first of the trilogy by Mahesh Elkunchwar.

Wada Chirbandi is theatrical presentation of a family from rural Vidarbha. A complete family drama, it speaks bout various aspects of human relationships and human qualities. A thought provoking play, Wada Chirebandi is undoubtedly a masterpiece of Marathi theatre. With a power packed star cast of Vaibhav Mangle, Nivedita Saraf, Prasad Oak / Chinmay Mandlekar, Bharati Patil / Suhita thatte, Neha Joshi, Pornima Manohar, Pratima Joshi etc, directed by passionate Chandrakant Kulkarni, sets by Pradeep Mule and background by Anand Modak, Wada Chirebandi wins the hearts of people. If you want to know the power of writing, Wada Chirebandi is what you should be experiencing in a theatre near you. Do not miss this classic play.


  • Nivedita Saraf
  • Vaibhav Mangle
  • Ashish Kulkarni
  • Pournima Manohar
  • Pratima Joshi
  • Dhananjay Sardeshpande
  • Akshay Patil/ Ajinkya
  • Bharati Patil/ Suhita Thatte
  • Neha Joshi
  • Prasad Oak/ Chinmay Mandlekar
  • Rajshri Gadhikar
  • Vinita Shinde


  • Anand Modak

Set Design

  • Pradeep Mulye

Production Company

  • Jigisha Creations
  • Astavinayak


  • Dilip Jadhav
  • Shripad Padmakar


  • Drama


  • Marathi 


  • 2 Hours 30 Minutes


  • Mahesh Elkunchwar


  • Chandrakant Kulkarni

वाडा चिरेबंदी Poster

Wada Chirebandi Marathi Natak Play


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