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AboutKarun Gelo Gaon Marathi Play:

Karun Gelo Gaon Natak: Yedgaon Budruk, a village in Konkan. This village gets the prize of Tanta free village. The local MLA comes to the village and announces it. And on May 1 the Chief Minister himself will come to the village to award it. And in front of the Chief Minister, there is a fatwa that the dancer Bijli who is the MLA’s girlfriend will perform a dance performance. But the villagers strongly feel that there should be a drama by the village artists on that day.

And from this, the struggle starts. Bijli dance or the drama of villagers? And the laugh-out-loud drama begins. The play flourishes with various typical rural characters, their mysterious nature, incidents, and humor. And who wins in the end? You will know that only by watching the play.

But this play gives a 100% guarantee that you will fall out of your chair

laughing for two hours. Watch It Or Watch Out!


  • Bhau Kadam
  • Onkar Bhojane
  • Usha Satam
  • Nupur Dudwadkar
  • Pranav Joshi
  • Anushka Borhade
  • Saurabh Gujle
  • Sachin Shinde
  • Sumit Sawant
  • Deepak Lanjekar


  • Aditya Sunny

Light Design

  • Sheetal Talpade

Set Design

  • Ankush Kambli

Production Company

  • Adwait Theatres
  • Ashwami Theatres


  • Rahul Bhandare
  • Mahesh Vaman Manjrekar


  • Comedy


  • Marathi 


  • 2 Hours 15 Minutes


  • Rajesh Deshpande


  • Rajesh Deshpande


Link here – https://www.instagram.com/p/CyZxhWkpkVQ/

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Karun Gelo Gaon Marathi Natak Play

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