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All The Best is a Legendary Marathi comedy-drama written and Directed by Mr.Devendra Pem. The story revolves around three friends who live together: A Blind (Vijay), A Deaf (Chandrakant/Chang), and A Dumb (Dilip), and how they fall in love with the same girl named Mohini. The storyline of the drama has the above-mentioned three friends who work at a Telephone Booth, a Food Truck, and a Music Store respectively.

They are in love with a girl who frequently visits their shops but due to the fear of their disabilities, they never approach this girl. Coincidently she comes to their house and eventually, they come to know that all three of them are in love with the same girl (Mohini). Now, how they manage to hide their disabilities, yet trying to expose others and impress Mohini are presented in the most hilarious way possible.

The Writer and Director of this drama, Devendra Pem, has through his writings developed humor that keeps the audience bursting with laughter from the first minute to the last. He has explored deeper facets of comedy involving the Blind, Deaf, and Dumb friends with ironies and puns that would rival many of the comedy creations we have seen so far. This, combined with his Direction, leaves not a single moment where the audience is not engrossed in the play. So, buckle up and enjoy this roller coaster ride of comedy, for that, All The Best!

All The Best Play 2024, All The Best Natak 2024,


Comedy, Drama




2hrs 15mins


Devendra Pem


Devendra Pem


  • Mayuresh Pem
  • Vikas Patil
  • Manmeet Pem
  • Richa Agnihotri

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