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AboutVaccum Cleaner Marathi Play:

Vaccum Cleaner Natak: Ranjan and Naina are married for 28 years. Ranjan is a successful business tycoon and Naina is a loving, caring homemaker. They have a son named Parikshit and a daughter named Priyanka who is married to Shakti- A handsome guy working in her father’s office. It all looks perfect from an outsider’s point of view. But deep down Ranjan and Naina have their own little battles to overcome in order to attain financial stability and domestic peace. Naina and Ranjan constantly take each other granted and under appreciate each other’s efforts until a strange incident makes them to step into each other’s shoes. 

Do watch the extremely relatable laugh riot which touches the heart of every Indian family. 


  • Ashok Saraf
  • Nirmiti Sawant
  • Tanvi Palav
  • Renuka Bodhankar
  • Sagar Khedekar
  • Siddhesh Pujare


  • Rahul Ranade

Set Design

  • Pradeep Mulye


  • Nivedita Saraf
  • Sanjyot Vaidya
  • Shripad Padmakar
  • Dilip Jadhav

Executive Producer

  • Khushabu Jadhav


  • Drama, Comedy


  • Marathi 


  • 2 Hours 15 Minutes


  • Chinmay Mandalekar


  • Chinmay Mandalekar


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Vaccum Cleaner Marathi Natak Play

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