Yada Kadachit Returns Marathi Play, Natak | Exclusive 2024

Yada Kadachit Returns Marathi Play, Natak

About – Yada Kadachit Returns Marathi Play: Yada Kadachit Returns Natak: Gear up to experience the ever engaging ‘Naman Natya’ form with famous characters like Bahubali, Birbal, Shahenshah, Imran Khan who will enrapture you with their enthusiasm, passion, comedy and indefinite entertainment.  The play brings out an important story by encompassing high beat music, clever … Read more

Murderwale Kulkarni Marathi Play, Natak | Exclusive 2024

Murderwale Kulkarni Marathi Natak Play

About – Murderwale Kulkarni Marathi Play: Murderwale Kulkarni Natak is hilarious comedy drama based on an event which happens with Mr. Madhav Kulkarni and turns into laugh riot. Cast Songs Costumes Make up Music Light Design Set Design Production Company Producer Genre Language Duration Writer Director Narrator Poster Trailer Link here – Yet to be … Read more

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