Wada Chirebandi Marathi Play, Natak | Exclusive 2024

Wada Chirebandi Marathi Natak Play

About – Wada Chirebandi Marathi Play: Wada Chirebandi is the first of the trilogy by Mahesh Elkunchwar. Wada Chirbandi is theatrical presentation of a family from rural Vidarbha. A complete family drama, it speaks bout various aspects of human relationships and human qualities. A thought provoking play, Wada Chirebandi is undoubtedly a masterpiece of Marathi … Read more

Uchhaad Marathi Natak, Play | उच्छाद | Exclusive 2024

Uchhaad Marathi Natak Play

About – Uchhaad Marathi Play: Uchhaad Marathi Natak: Two 11-year-olds fought on the playground, and one of them hit the other in the face with a small stick, hurting his tooth. Things get interesting when their parents decide to meet and sort it out in a ‘nice, civilized’ way. This dark comedy takes you through … Read more

Mukkam Post Aadgaon Marathi Play, Natak | Exclusive 2024

Mukkam Post Aadgaon Marathi Play, Natak

About – Mukkam Post Aadgaon Marathi Play: Mukkam Post Aadgaon Natak: This play is learned from a village in Marathwada It is the story of a native farmer’s son. In whose veins language, culture, folk art, literature, poetry, satkavya of Marathwada and the customs of the villages there abound. Goes to this village and the … Read more

American Album Marathi Play, Natak | Exclusive 2024

American Album Marathi Natak - Play

About – American Album Marathi Play: In the play ‘American Album,’ we explore the lives of Indian families who send their children to America for education and a prosperous life, bridging the gap between the two worlds. The play delves into the cultural contrast faced by American-born children of Indian immigrants, highlighting the struggle to … Read more

Vaccum Cleaner Marathi Play, Natak | Exclusive 2024

Vaccum Cleaner Marathi Natak - Play

About – Vaccum Cleaner Marathi Play: Vaccum Cleaner Natak: Ranjan and Naina are married for 28 years. Ranjan is a successful business tycoon and Naina is a loving, caring homemaker. They have a son named Parikshit and a daughter named Priyanka who is married to Shakti- A handsome guy working in her father’s office. It … Read more

Sarkha Kahitari Hotay Marathi Play, Natak | Exclusive 2024

Sarkha Kahitari Hotay

About – Sarkha Kahitari Hotay Marathi Play: Sarkha Kahitari Hotay is a story of every common household. Where parents tend to keep their hobbies, conditions and work pressures aside just to give their children a healthy upbringing. But growing up with a developed and individual point of view of their own, kids have an absolutely … Read more

Moruchi Mavshi Marathi Natak, Play | Exclusive 2024

Moruchi Mavshi Marathi Natak Play

About – Moruchi Mavshi Marathi Play: Moruchi Mavshi Natak: Being set in the post-independence era when different sansthans(princely states) were demolishing, the play deals with three college friends, Moru (Vinamra Bhabal), Bhaiyaa (Prashant Vichare), and Bandya (Bharat Jadhav). Moru and Bhaiyaa are sharing bungalow they have rented. Moru’s aunt, the queen of Kanda Sansthan, is … Read more

Khara Khara Sang Marathi Play, Natak | Exclusive 2024

Khara Khara Sang Marathi Natak Play

About – Khara Khara Sang Marathi Play: Khara Khara Sang Natak: Ankur and Ira, a couple involved in an extra-marital affair, decide to go away for a weekend to spice up their diminishing passion. Both lie to their respective spouses, leering close to the precipice of being caught. But unknown to them, their spouses themselves … Read more

Haravlelya Pattyancha Bangla Marathi Play, Natak | Exclusive 2024

Haravlelya Pattyancha Bangla Marathi Natak - Play

About – Haravlelya Pattyancha Bangla Marathi Play: Haravlelya Pattyancha Bangla Natak: Indira, an elderly widow is living in her big, brand new flat with a student paying guest Nidhi. It is getting difficult for Indira to accept modern ways of life and longs for her son and his family to come and live with her. … Read more

Karun Gelo Gaon Marathi Play, Natak | Exclusive 2024

Karun Gelo Gaon Marathi Natak Play

About – Karun Gelo Gaon Marathi Play: Karun Gelo Gaon Natak: Yedgaon Budruk, a village in Konkan. This village gets the prize of Tanta free village. The local MLA comes to the village and announces it. And on May 1 the Chief Minister himself will come to the village to award it. And in front … Read more

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