Top Marathi Standup Comedian we must follow | Exclusive 2024

Marathi Standup Comedian

Marathi Standup Comedian: Let’s discover the hilarious comedians from Sindhudurg and Konkan, bringing their own Marathi flavor to the internet. Let’s see what they’re cooking up for laughs! Marathi Standup Comedian Mandar Bhide Instagram: Youtube: Pushkar Bendre Instagram: Youtube: Fatima Ayesha Instagram: Youtube: Anish Goregaonkar Instagram: Pranit More … Read more

Fatima Ayesha Wiki, Biography, Age, Comedy, Videos, Boyfriend | Exclusive 2024

Fatima Ayesha

Stand-up Comedian Civil Engineer About: Fatima Ayesha, a rising star in the comedy world who’s making waves with her hilarious performances. From jokes about Engineering to poking fun at the Indian Education System, her stand-up routines have captured the hearts of millions. She’s not just funny, but she’s also got the accolades to prove it … Read more

Mandar Bhide Wiki, Biography, Age, Movies, Photos | Exclusive 2024

Mandar Bhide

Stand Up Comedian Engineer MBA About: Mandar Bhide, the veteran of Marathi Stand Up Comedy, takes center stage. With a background in engineering and an MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai, Mandar brings a unique perspective to his jokes, making them relatable to people of all ages. His comedy revolves around the nuances of family life, corporate … Read more

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