Best 5 Marathi Child Actors of 2014

Posted on Jan 1 2015 - 3:53pm by Shailesh Narwade

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(4 & 5) Shrirang Mahajan & Pushkar Lonarkar (Elizabeth Ekadashi)

Shrirang Mahajan is very innocent and communicative as Gyana in Elizabeth Ekadashi. One day, Gyana gets up in the morning to find nobody in the house and then rushes to ensure that the bicycle is in place. Shrirang has done this scene very brilliantly. Such dialogue-less scenes have highlighted the acting talent in him.

Similarly, Pushkar Lonarkar as Gyana’s best friend Ganya is a scene-stealer. This confident boy with great sense for timing and dialogue delivery; also has a good screen presence.

(3) Vivek Chabukswar (Salaam)

Vivek Chabukswar was very impressive in the lead role as Raghu in Kiran Yagnopavit’s Salaam. His ability to express through his face and eyes was worth noticing.

(2) Prathmesh Parab (Timepass)

However the film could be, but Prathamesh Parab was aptly cast as Dagdu in Ravi Jadhav’s Timepass. This young guy is very confident despite his very common built and appearance.

(1) Somnath Awghade (Fandry)

Somnath Awghade is not less than a discovery for Marathi cinema. When this guy of hardcore rustic looks speaks nothing, he says the most of it. His eyes have a very impressive style of expression. Somnath is brilliant in Fandry’s climax scene. The dejection of being exposed in front of his love, the pain of having lost her forever, and the anger of being an untouchable; Somnath has conveyed all this so truly that we experience those feelings as our own.