Murderwale Kulkarni Marathi Play, Natak | Exclusive 2024

Murderwale Kulkarni Marathi Natak Play

About – Murderwale Kulkarni Marathi Play: Murderwale Kulkarni Natak is hilarious comedy drama based on an event which happens with Mr. Madhav Kulkarni and turns into laugh riot. Cast Songs Costumes Make up Music Light Design Set Design Production Company Producer Genre Language Duration Writer Director Narrator Poster Trailer Link here – Yet to be … Read more

Raju Ban Gaya Zentalman Marathi Natak, Play, Amazing Natak | Exclusive 2024

Raju Ban Gaya Zentalman Marathi Play, Natak

About – Raju Ban Gaya Zentalman Marathi Play: Raju Ban Gaya Zentalman Natak: ‘Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman’ is a comedy play written by Rajesh Kolamkar and directed by Prashant Vichare. The story revolves around a rich man named Chandrakant Deshmukh who lives in a bungalow with his loyal assistant “Raju”. Raju calls Chingi from his … Read more

KURRR Marathi Natak, Play | Exclusive 2024

KURRR Marathi Natak Play

About – KURRR Marathi Play: KURRR Natak: This house is full of conflicting characters. The married couple does not bare a child even after trying hard and this has brought eagerness. In all this turmoil, a new member comes into the family … and the whole mess gets a ‘humorous’ twist .. a perfect combination … Read more

Chanakya Marathi Natak, Play | Exclusive 2024

Chanakya Marathi Natak - Play

About – Chanakya Marathi Play: The play ‘Chanakya’ revolves around the character Chanakya aca kautilya also Known as Vishnugupta, a teacher, a polymath who saw a dream of Akhand bharat around 326 – 320 BCE. The play depicts how Chankya heads towards accomplishing his selfless ambition with his vision, intelligence, courage, strategies and discipline holding … Read more

Jar Tar Chi Goshta Marathi Play, Natak, Umesh Kamat, Priya Bapat | जर तरची गोष्ट | Exclusive 2024

Jar Tar chi Goshta

About – Jar Tar Chi Goshta Marathi Play: Jar Tar chi Goshta: It has been almost three years since Samar and Radha got divorced. They believe they have moved on. Both are in new relationships and thriving professionally. They’re even on the verge of selling a shared piece of land, after which they can acquire … Read more

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