Albattya Galbattya Marathi Play, Natak | Exclusive 2024

Albattya Galbattya Marathi Play Natak

About – Albattya Galbattya Marathi Play: Albattya Galbattya Natak: The art of entertaining children is beautifully captured by the timeless Marathi play – Albattya Galbattya, proudly presented by Zee Marathi. In a larger-than-life scale, enchanting special effects, the play is all set to transport audiences into a magical world where fantasies seem to come to … Read more

217 Padmini Dham Marathi Play, Natak | Exclusive 2024

217 Padmini Dham

About – 217 Padmini Dham Marathi Play: An attempt has been made through this play to show the different shades of fear in the mind of the character Muranjan and the accompanying guilt that take place in his life due to all this revolves only around Muranjan. This Play is adapted from the book ‘Kamgiri’ … Read more

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