We want to make content-driven films like Fandry – Vivek Kajaria

Posted on Mar 12 2013 - 6:46am by Reporter

Nagraj Manjule’s Fandry, the Marathi film produced jointly by Holy Basil Productions and Navalakha Arts, will be releasing during the second quarter of 2013. The brains behind these two production houses, Nilesh Navalakha and Vivek Kajaria, were among the four Indians invited to attend a workshop at Rotterdam Film Festival in January this year. Rang Marathi talked to Vivek Kajaria on his Rotterdam learning and future ventures.

“Rotterdam was a very good experience. A total of 70 selected film producers from across the world attended the producers’ workshop at the Rotterdam Film Festival. Our film Fandry had a dark room screening at the prestigious festival, where it received very good appreciation. Moreover, the workshop helped us establish important contacts and we can now think of working on international projects,” Vivek said with a lot of confidence.

Producers Nilesh Navalakha and Vivek Kajaria have been asked to send a DVD of Fandry to Cannes and if everything goes well, the Marathi film might be screened at the Cannes International Film Festival, scheduled to be held from 15 to 26 May 2013. “We will decide on Fandry’s India release thereafter,” Vivek said.

Sharing more about the learning from the workshop, Vivek said, “No one takes the post-production work too seriously in Marathi cinema while international filmmakers give very importance to the same. They use latest and advanced technology, which is not even costly. We should concentrate more on the post-production and import the best available technology to make our films better. Now we have contacts worldwide and we will try to bring modern technology in to our films at a very affordable cost,” Vivek Kajaria informed.

Holy Basil Productions and Navalakha Arts work jointly on almost all film projects and plan to do so in the future also. Fandry’s director Nagraj Manjule, whose short film Pistulya won the National Award, first approached Nilesh Navalakha, who directed him to Vivek Kajaria for further talks. And when Nagraj completed the script, they locked it without any changes and started the production work. “The two production houses are like a single entity,” Vivek expressed.

So what kind of movies the two production companies would like to be known for? “Definitely content-driven films like Fandry. We want to make films that upheld our social, cultural and patriotic values. At this stage, we are also hearing a couple of scripts in Hindi,” stated Vivek.

Nilesh Navalakha’s Navalakha Arts and Vivek Kajaria’s Holy Basil Productions are also the presenters of Gajendra Ahire’s Anumati, which is produced by Sri Sant Production and Vinay Ganu.