Vaadhdivsachya Hardik Shubhechhya, Swami Public Ltd delayed

Posted on Aug 22 2014 - 2:11pm by Reporter
A still from Gajendra Ahire's upcoming Marathi film Swami Public Limited.

A still from Gajendra Ahire’s upcoming Marathi film Swami Public Limited.


The releases of Gajendra Ahire’s Swami Public Limited and Deepak Naidu’s Vaadhdivsachya Hardik Shubhechhya have been postponed. The two Marathi films were scheduled to hit the screens on 22 August 2014.

Thus, this week will go without a Marathi film and no films have been announced for the next two Fridays also, i.e. 29 August and 05 September. In that case, no Marathi film would be releasing for successive three weeks, leaving a huge opportunity for the films that are now running in theatres.

“Actually, the promotions that we had planned for our film have not been achieved yet. So we decided to postpone the release. We may look for the post-Ganeshotsava slab. The distributor will come up with the suitable date soon,” Deepak Naidu, the director of Vaadhdivsachya Hardik Shubhechhya, informed to Rang Marathi.

The makers of Swami Public Limited could not be contacted for their version.


A still from Marathi film Vaadhdivsachya Hardik Shubhechhya.