Shyamche Vadil is the story of every family, say makers

Posted on Nov 25 2012 - 6:30am by Shailesh Narwade

Shyamchi Aai is a name familiar to every Marathi household. The film that feted a mother’s role in the right upbringing of a child had won Golden Lotus Award for Best Film at the National Film Awards in 1954. And now, in 2012, the Marathi audience is being offered another visual treat in the similar lines. Aptly titled Shyamche Vadil, the Marathi film releases 12th December. Rang Marathi talked exclusively to the producer and director of the film to know their thought behind the film.

Shyamche Vadil is about the father-son relationship. Alike mother, every father plays an important role in the lives of children. We just wanted to highlight this point, and therefore the film,” said the film’s director Viraj Raje, who appreciates the freedom given by producer Ajay Pathak while making the film. Raje has co-written the film’s dialogues along with Mr Pathak.

“We are a big family of friends. We keep visiting each other’s homes and many of us have working wives. There I observed that these fathers are spending more time than mothers with their kids. But all that was going unnoticed. There came the idea for Shyamche Vadil. It is not about demeaning the role of mother, it’s just to celebrate the dutiful and responsible father. The film doesn’t have grey characters, it has all practical people,” Pathak explained.

Director Raje added, “The film is for people of all age groups. It has all the ingredients that today’s youth wants to see in a good film. We normally say a film is the mirror of the society. Shyamche Vadil is exactly like that.”

Ajay Pathak has written the film’s story while he and Raje wrote the screenplay and dialogues jointly. They took around a year to finish the script and the shooting schedules were completed in just 33 days.

Interestingly, on 12th December, Shyamche Vadil will be clashing with Nikhil Mahajan’s Pune 52, which is being seen as a big film from the talented Umesh Kulkarni camp. “What matters is the content. If both the films have good storyline, both will find takers at the box office,” Raje said. Adding to the point, Pathak cited the example of Mumbai’s famous Fashion Street that has around hundred shops and all of them doing a good business. “More films mean more variety for the audience. I think it’s a better scenario,” he said confidently.

On future projects, Pathak informed that they would be starting the next film in March 2013. “Marathi or Hindi, not decided yet, but if in Marathi, its title will be Haatachi Ghadi, Tondavar Bot. It’s about kids. It will be a complete entertainer with a message,” he concluded.