Sanjay Jadhav to make Duniyadaari

Posted on Oct 30 2012 - 5:25am by Shailesh Narwade

Celebrated cinematographer Sanjay Jadhav will soon be making a film called Duniyadaari. The film will be a screen adaptation of Suhas Shirvadkar’s famous novel with the same title. Sanjay told Rang Marathi that starting from his college days, he had read the novel numerous times and liked it so much that he couldn’t think of any other story for his next directorial venture.

Sanjay, who earlier directed successful thrillers like Checkmate and Ringa Ringa, said, “Technicians are always looking for some kind of speed in their film projects. They find the same kick in thrillers.”

Among his next projects as cinematographer, Sanjay named Aayna Ka Bayna, 72 Miles, Aawaz Kunacha and Vitha. “Samit and I were planning to work together since a long time but it was not happening due to our individual projects. One day, I had the opportunity to listen to the soundtrack of Aayna Ka Bayna from Samit. It was very impressive. Samit immediately narrated the film’s story. It was so engaging and interesting that I told Samit the same moment that I’m doing the film,” Sanjay said.

The passionate cinematographer, who won many national and international awards for his topnotch work in feature films and commercials, admits, “Camera is my first love. Everything else, including direction, comes later.”