Review: Tendulkar Out is an interesting effort

Posted on Nov 19 2013 - 6:33pm by Shailesh Narwade


Abbas, Nayar and Lefty, three friends neck-deep in debts, take contract from a don to eliminate Mr Tendulkar, who has had an unsuccessful stint as producer of c-grade movies and thus has failed to return money to financers from the underworld. The three hope to receive a hefty sum after finishing off the target. Incidentally, the day of execution coincides with a one-day cricket match between Indian and Pakistan. And who will pull the trigger?

Tendulkar Out, written by Yogesh Joshi and directed by Swapnil Jaykar, is an interesting effort in terms of concept. Going the other way from traditional preachy or melodramatic Marathi film, this film tries to entertain with creativity, which is an appreciable move.

Vijay Maurya is top-notch among the actors with his brilliant portrayal of the poor and sentimental Abbas. Sayaji Shinde puts in equal efforts to make his Tendulkar realistic and believable. Santosh Juvekar, otherwise a brilliant actor, appears less interested in playing his character here. Sai Tamhankar is worth-watching in the role of sultry Velvet Manisha. Actors Aniket Vishwasrao, Neelam Shirke and Atul Parchure contribute satisfactorily in creating most of the humor.

Keeping in view the creative potential of writer and director and their courage to do something new and uncommon, what strikes prominently is that the script could have been more thrilling and humorous also. There’s a visible possibility.

Though, Tendulkar Out has some genuine comic as well as tragic moments. It boasts of really interesting characters and equally suitable casting. The idea of using cricket commentary in the backdrop of events is very innovative and meaningful. Camerawork and editing score considerably high on technical front and gel well with the film’s concept. Tendulkar Out falls short of perfection but the film kicks off a new kind of genre in Marathi cinema that today’s youth, or say the multiplex audience, loves to enjoy. The film is undoubtedly enjoyable.