Review: Sau Shashi Deodhar could’ve been more vibrant

Posted on Feb 22 2014 - 1:11pm by Shailesh Narwade


A psychiatrist accidentally meets a young married woman, who seems to have lost her identity. The people, places and events that she mentions turn out to be things of past. Finding out the truth is not a challenge for the therapist alone but also for the woman, who claims to be Sau Shashi Deodhar.

Writer-director Amol Shetge’s Marathi film Sau Shashi Deodhar has an interesting and to some extent a different story. It moves forward with some captivating moments that keep you absorbed with the plot. But it becomes a matter of concern when you find this 100-minute film too lengthy. Sau Shashi Deodhar’s sluggish screenplay, amateur dialogues and poor direction has failed to give the much-needed pace and impact to this otherwise a very good drama.

The story had the potential to leave audiences spellbound had it been made of a more compact size, or at least had a more captivating treatment. In the present form, it has been stretched for 10 to 15 minutes for sure. The longer and closed-door scenes also give us the feeling of watching a play on the stage. The film’s writing too suffers from that theatre-kind-of mood. Similarly, Sau Shashi Deodhar has interesting and believable characters, but all of them lack emotions. Only the girl, who played the teenaged Nalini, has expressed her character’s emotions more effectively.

On the technical front, Suresh Deshmane’s cinematography stands out as a brilliant work. He has placed his camera at the most suitable places to capture the film’s overall pulse. Rajesh Rao’s editing and the film’s background score also contribute to make Sau Shashi Deodhar watchable.

The film belongs to Sai Tamhankar, who has tried her best to portray the colorful shades of her character. Sai has got enough screen time as the entire story has been woven around her character. Though, some well-written scenes will have provided additional support to her efforts.

Ajinkya Deo, Tushar Dalvi and Avinash Kharshikar have played their respective roles comfortably but most of the time they all have uniform expressions on their faces.

Altogether, the makers of Sau Shashi Deodhar have wasted a beautiful opportunity.