Review: Sairat is another punch from Nagraj Manjule

Posted on May 6 2016 - 5:00am by Shailesh Narwade

First thing first! Rinku Rajguru has overshadowed almost everything in Nagraj Manjule’s Marathi feature film Sairat. In fact, there are some moments when the film belongs to the actress only and not even to the director. Casting this talented young girl has already proved to be the best decision of the director as, besides impressing the jury of National Film Awards, this girl is now ruling the hearts of hundreds and thousands of audiences. At this young age, Rinku has shown great level of maturity in playing different shades of her character and it is really commendable. A truly impressive performance!

As far as the film is concerned, the style of filmmaker Nagraj Manjule remains the same as it was in his debut feature film Fandry. He keeps it simple and raw. But urban people are so much disconnected with rural lives that they find such portrayal very extraordinary. Though, a few scenes in Sairat suggest that this time the director has taken some liberty to woo audiences.

With Sairat, Nagraj Manjule brings to us another stark and scary reality of our caste system that has been attacking humanity since ages. At one end of the society, people are humiliated, tortured and attacked in the name of caste; while the other end loves to ignore it as such nothing has happened. Media headlines tell us every day that stories like Sairat are happening everywhere in the country. Films like Sairat try to show to more and more people the impact of such heinous incidents.

Among other performances, Aakash Dhosar has given his best in portraying the simple Parshya. The guys, who played Salim and Pradeep, are also impressive. Music by Ajay-Atul has played a vital role in enhancing the overall experience. Cinematography by Sudhakar Reddy brilliantly captures the story’s essence and the wide shots particularly give the film a rich look. The editing, however, missed going the Sairat way.

The extensive marketing by the film’s makers and distributors have succeeded in attracting the young audiences to the box office. But Sairat is a film that should be first watched by their parents as they might get a clue to grow up!