Review: One Way Ticket is not worth spending money

Posted on Sep 25 2016 - 4:36pm by Shailesh Narwade

When we enter a cinema hall to watch a 90-minute suspense thriller, we expect to be on a roller-coaster ride throughout the film. But when we find out that half of the time has actually been wasted on four-five songs and some so-called philosophical chit-chat between two bloggers, we soon learn that we are sitting on something that doesn’t even move, forget about a thrilling ride.

Aniket, a middle class guy from a small village near Pune, mortgages his mother’s jewelry and farmland to land in Italy for a promised job. But there he learns that he has been cheated. Now Aniket has no means to return to India. Meanwhile, he finds a wallet having passport, a cruise ticket and some money that belongs to one Aditya Rane. Aniket decides to use the documents to return to his country and thus boards the cruise. There he meets two bloggers, Samar Raj and his lady assistant, and Shivani, who is desperately waiting to meet her boyfriend Aditya Rane on the cruise. Aniket makes all attempts to hide that he is actually travelling on the ticket of Aditya. And then they all get the shocking news that Aditya was actually killed in a shootout recently.

Director-duo Kamal Nathani and Amol Shetge’s One Way Ticket is such wastage of precious time in a thriller that it never holds the audience’s attention even for a couple of minutes. The screenplay has many flaws and illogical stuff is served that only lessens our interest from the beginning itself. How a person can board a cruise on someone else’s ticket and passport? What makes the lady blogger suddenly feel alone and shed tears? When Aniket picks up the passport and ticket, on what basis the cops establish that the dead criminal is Aditya Rane?

The decision to accommodate so many songs itself indicates that the makers were too short of creativity to develop the plot. The screenplay has a very uncaring approach and it consist some poorly-written scenes. One Way Ticket could have been better had the producers dropped a song or two and instead spent some money on hiring talented people in the team.

One Way Ticket’s cinematography is okay as scenic locations of Europe and the cruise journey provide some material to the camera. The film’s editing is good as we couldn’t expect him to be crueler, or else the film would have been of just 50-60 minutes of length. Music by Gaurav Dagaonkar is also okay.

Gashmir Mahajani has a meaty role and he utilizes it to show his talent. Amruta Khanvilkar appears very uninterested in her role. She is probably confused because of her half-baked character. Sachit Patil looks in full control of what he is playing. Neha Mahajan gets the most useless role and therefore she can’t be blamed for not making efforts to make it better. Shashank Ketkar most of time tries to look simpleton and hence seems like acting for the television.

Suspense thriller is a genre Marathi cinema has rarely delivered in. One Way Ticket is no exception to that!