Review: Ishqwala Love is enjoyable

Posted on Oct 12 2014 - 4:38pm by Shailesh Narwade

Ajinkya, a young lawyer and guitarist, is searching for a unique face for his next music video. One day he accidently meets Ovi and his search ends at her. Ovi not only becomes the much-awaited face of his music album but also fills colors in his otherwise blank family life. Time comes when they realize they can’t live without each other, and Ajinkya proposes to marry her. But Ovi delivers a big shock to him when she refuses his proposal and tries to convince him to remain live-in partner for the entire life. Eventually they break up as one wants live-in relationship while the other is adamant on marriage.

Renu Desai’s Marathi film Ishqwala Love, contrary to my expectations, is an enjoyable film. In today’s time, when traditions and values are changing with the changing lifestyles of people in almost all the societies and communities, Renu Desai has picked up two very contemporary but contrast characters and developed an interesting and believable love-story between them.

Though Ajinkya resembles to the lead characters of Suraj Barjatya films, Ovi is a vibrant new-age girl and the writer-director has apparently worked hard on developing her character. Ovi is an educated girl, who is passionate about her love, and her arguments in favour of live-in relationships are realistic and justifiable. Though, the writer herself could stand too long in support of her heroine, and ultimately makes Ovi reconsider her decision after her mom gives a philosophical dose that “All of us need someone, not only in grief but in celebrations also.”

But, still, Ishqwala Love is 10 times better than Mangalashtak Once More, Renu Desai’s first Marathi film as producer. This time, Renu Desai has scripted the film herself and has also been successful in extracting good performances from all the actors. The film has a speedily-moving screenplay and honest dialogues.

No, I am not saying it’s a flawless film. It has some conveniently-created situations, which could have been made better. The scene in the beginning when Ovi chases a pickpocket and then feeds him after learning that he was hungry was silly and childish. Writing such a scene to glorify a character is a futile attempt. Similarly, the last 10 minutes of Ishqwala Love are too dramatic. This could have been avoided. In fact, there was no need for the last-minute complications and a simple ending would have done better.

Adinath Kothare looks matured than his previous films, but his character has not been worked on properly and it slips more during the climax. Sulagna Panigrahi has a very graceful presence on the screen. She is a bit loud as Ovi, but is the soul of the story. Bhargavi Chirmule, Apurva Nemlekar, Suchitra Bandekar, Satish Pulekar and Sagar Talashikar lend a good support as supporting cast. Even Swapnil Bandodkar and Guru Thakur have done justice to their respective roles.

Binod Pradhan’s camera does the remaining job and makes the film more and more beautiful to watch. The film’s other advantage is its music as it has some really good songs that take the narrative forward and enrich the film musically. Ishqwala Love will be liked by those, who believe in love, in marriage and in beautiful life.