Review: Hello Nandan is bold and stylish

Posted on Mar 16 2014 - 8:47am by Shailesh Narwade
A still from Hello Nandan.

A still from Hello Nandan.

When I sat to watch Hello Nandan, two things grabbed my attention right from the initials frames – the background score and camerawork. AV Prafullachandra’s pulsating background music, a never-seen-before kind of thing in Marathi cinema; and Rahul Jadhav’s dominating camera angles unquestionably play very important roles in keeping you glued to your seats for two hours.

So what’s the big deal if someone loses his or her cell phone in a crowded bus or a train, or at a busy market place? A phone once stolen is gone forever – this is what we have started to believe. But the other side of fact is that the phone has been stolen. A crime has been committed. So isn’t it about justice also?

Taking a so-called insignificant issue from almost everybody’s lives, writer Saurabh Bhave has brought to us a very interesting concept in the form of Hello Nandan. The story travels from its starting point to the end without diverting to sub-lanes. It has realistic and at the same time very interesting characters, which look like people from our own world. Saurabh has the knack of finding the appetite of audience, particularly that of the young ones, and has therefore written a clever and matured script.

AV Prafullachandra has also composed some electrifying songs, which have been shot beautifully and placed at appropriate points in the story. The youthful and energetic music sets the mood right for the audiences. Amitraj’s composition of the romantic number is also praiseworthy.

Editors duo Imran Mahadik and Faizal Mahadik have done a more matured job this time. The inter-cuts to add more and more speed to the narrative are worth watching.

Rahul Jadhav’s direction has taken a big leap in just one film. While Vijay Aso had appeared to be the work of a first-timer, Hello Nandan looks like the job of a seasoned filmmaker. Producers Navin Ramnani and Reenu Ohlan also deserve appreciation as they didn’t choose to play safe and made this film.

Adinath Kothare finally landed a good role that suited his age, face and competence. This kind of roles will help this actor connect the young audience and also to create a space for himself in the industry. Mrunal Thakur had very little to act but she looked gorgeous. Making her Marathi film debut with Hello Nandan will certainly help her too. Devendra Bhagat, Neena Kulkarni and Anant Jog were very impressive in their well-written roles.

Of course, there are some weak points also. A few scenes had scope to be written in a better way. The two impersonation scenes, where beards, moustaches and wigs were used, were not done accurately. But, despite all this, I wouldn’t like to take it too seriously and let off the makers without any blame, just for treating me with a film, which tries to break away from Marathi cinema’s age-old frames.

Hello Nandan is bold, if not in terms of subject, then at least in attitude. Hello Nandan is fresh, vibrant and stylish. And as far as treatment and presentation is concerned, this film takes Marathi cinema a step ahead. A truly youth-centric film of recent times, Hello Nandan is a must-watch for all movie-buffs.