Resul Pokutty records live background score for Kshitij

Posted on Jan 2 2016 - 9:18am by Reporter
Resul Pokutty

Resul Pokutty

Academy Award-winner sound designer Resul Pokutty recently recorded on-location background music for upcoming film Kshitij, thus making it the first Marathi film to achieve this feat. A part of the film and a bhajan were shot at Nanaj village in Jamkhed tehsil.

Resul Pokutty informed that the sound designing is witnessing drastic changes since last few years. Usually background score is recorded after shooting the entire film. But they did an experiment with Marathi film Kshitij and recorded its background score on-location of its shooting. This gives a very natural and authentic feel to the film. This kind of experiment was earlier done with Hollywood and Bollywood films, he said.

Kshitij focuses on the huge social contrast that has been created due to fast-growing cities and equally neglected villages. The film shows the struggle of a father and his son, who fight all odds to achieve their goal. The film brings to fore the pathetic conditions, in which farmers are forced to live.

Directed by Manoj Kadam, Kshitij stars Upendra Limaye, Manoj Joshi, Kanchan Jadhav, Sanjay Mone, Vidyadhar Joshi, Vaishnavi Tangde, Rajkumar Tangde and child actor Arnav Mandrupkar.

The film has been produced by Nazroz Prasala and Karishma Mahadolkar under the banner USA Best Media Films Craft Company. Yogesh Rajguru is the cinematographer of the film. The film will release in 2016.