Pune 52 will not disappoint audiences – Sonali Kulkarni

Posted on Jan 12 2013 - 7:56am by Shailesh Narwade

Sonali Kulkarni, the gorgeous actress and one of the most popular faces of Marathi cinema, will be next seen in the much-talked-about Marathi film Pune 52 that releases on 18th January 2013. The film, written and directed by Nikhil Mahajan, has already created a lot of buzz among the audience and is one of the much-anticipated films of recent times. Rang Marathi talked to Sonali Kulkarni on her role and experience of working in Pune 52.

“The film is set in early 90s when the Indian market was thrown open to international economies and it had its major impact on the country’s middle-class. Things had been changing at a fast pace and so did many relationships. I play Prachi, the wife of private detective Amar Apte. She marries Amar against her parents’ wish and keeps convincing them of his capability. However, she fights herself to believe Amar is committed to her. She knows that he is sincere and loyal, but due to lack of commitment on his part, she starts fearing of losing him,” Sonali explained about her role in Pune 52.

She informed that Nikhil Mahajan had already decided to cast her and Girish Kulkarni as the lead pair. “After Nikhil narrated the story, I told him I would like to watch the film, but might not work in it as the role was very challenging,” Sonali said. However, Nikhil succeeded in convincing her for the role.

“Nikhil had shot a beautiful promo of the film in the beginning itself. But I was still apprehensive of him as it was his first film. But eventually I found he had a very clear vision of his film. He not only selected good actors but also roped in talented technicians for Pune 52. He is very passionate about films,” Sonali said while being very appreciative of the film’s young writer-director.

Pune 52 will be Sonali’s third film with actor Girish Kulkarni. Earlier, they have worked together in Gabhricha Paaus and Deool. “I’m always keen on working with Girish because my own performance improves when he is the co-actor. Girish is always in search of something new. He has a very natural acting and his work is very unpredictable. I’m very fond of his style of dialogue-delivery,” she said.

Sonali Kulkarni, who is currently shooting for Mahesh Manjrekar’s Konkanastha and Samruddhi Porey’s Dr Prakash Baba Amte, said people should watch Pune 52 for its good content and, especially, if they care for relationships. “Audiences will not be disappointed,” she claimed.