Pune 52 will be a milestone for Marathi cinema – Makers

Posted on Jan 11 2013 - 6:31am by Reporter

“Marathi cinema is constantly witnessing the making of good films, and audiences too are responding appreciably. With Pune 52, we have made an important move in giving something new to Marathi cinema. It’s a very different and unconventional film,” said noted filmmaker and producer Umesh Kulkarni. He was addressing media-persons at a press meet held at MIG Club, Bandra East, Mumbai, to promote his forthcoming Marathi film Pune 52.

A presentation of Arbhaat Nirmitee and IME Motion Pictures, Pune 52 is releasing across Maharashtra on 18th January 2013. Umesh Kulkarni has produced the film along with Abhay Gadgil, Shrirang Godbole and Girish Kulkarni.

Executive Producer for IME Motion Pictures, Suhrud Godbole, informed that they attempted unique strategies to market and distribute the film and focused more on electronic media to reach the youth. “We used even the non-Marathi media, and projected Pune 52 as an international film,” Suhrud said. “Pune 52 is the first Marathi film to have been selected under PVR Director’s Rare initiative, that will give it a pan-India release in select metro cities on 8th February 2013,” Suhrud added.

Nikhil Mahajan, the film’s writer-director, was very excited to have his first film releasing very soon, and thanked all his teammates for supporting him in the venture. He said his friend’s maternal uncle was a private detective. He found the idea very appealing to be presented as a film. He developed the story and approached Girish Kulkarni to play the lead role. Girish liked it, but then there were rejections from a few producers. Finally, Umesh Kulkarni and Girish decided to produce the film along with IME Motion pictures. “A lot of hard work has gone to make Pune 52. Visually, it will be a never-before experience for Marathi audiences. It will shock you, surprise you, and entertain you,” Nikhil said.

Actor Girish Kulkarni, who plays the lead, said he had got a rural-kind of image due to his last three-four films, and he wanted to come out of that. “Pune 52 will give a makeover to my image. It was a very learning and interesting experience for me to discover myself in the role of Amar Apte,” he said. Girish said he was skeptical about Sai Tamhankar doing justice to her character, but when the film started, he found a very dedicated and sincere actress in her. “People should come to watch the film without any set of expectations, and they will be surprised. Pune 52 will stay with them for a long time,” Girish expressed.

Actress Sonali Kulkarni said, “When Shwaas was sent to the Oscars, audiences suddenly came to know that some good work was being done in Marathi films. Last year’s National Award for Deool endorsed this fact, and Pune 52 will now take it a step forward. There is a lot of curiosity among people for the film and I’m very much confident they will like it,” Sonali added.

Actress Sai Tamhankar said Pune 52 is a very important film of her career. “After so many films, finally I got the role that taught me a lot. I am very grateful to Suhrud Godbole, who had recommended my name to Umesh. For the first time, I had become so insure to bag this role that I called these people three-four time to know whether I was selected or not,” Sai expressed candidly.

Actor Shrikant Yadav also spoke on the occasion. Actress Girija Oak Godbole and the film’s marketing head Mayur Ranade also attended the event.