I’ve neither seen nor done a song like Aayna Ka Bayna – Umesh

Posted on Nov 23 2012 - 6:45pm by Shailesh Narwade

Aayna Ka Bayna, the Samit Kakkad-directed Marathi film that is releasing on 30th November 2012, has dance as its backdrop. The film’s choreographers had a huge responsibility, and looking at the promos it seems that they have done a magnificent job. Rang Marathi talked to Umesh Jadhav, who has choreographed two songs, including the title track, Aayna Ka Bayna.

Aayna Ka Bayna is about a group of nine remand-home inmates, who love dance, and use dance as a medium to make their identities. The premise itself was so energetic and youthful that it ultimately resulted in the wonderful songs. The superb music tracks by Ajit-Sameer and beautiful cinematography by Sanjay Jadhav added to the glory of the songs. I’ve neither seen nor done such kind of song in Marathi films,” Umesh said confidently while talking about the film.

Umesh informed that Samit and he had discussed the project on a few occasions in the past. Then one day Samit came and handed over the sound track to him, telling him that it was now his baby. “I first understood Samit’s vision and started working on the songs. For the title track of Aayna Ka Bayna, I created a collage of different styles of dance, and succeeded in giving a very good look and impact to it,” he added.

The well-known choreographer said they shot the songs at Dhobi Talav, Worli, Pipeline, on buses and various other locations. It was a big-scale shooting and all technical requirements were met timely by the producers without any compromise. “The boys worked very hard and performed magnificently with very good cooperation and energy among the team members. I can say Aayna Ka Bayna is one of the films that gave me a lot of satisfaction,” he mentioned.

On his experience of working with Mr Kakkad, Umesh said, “Samit is a young and very positive guy, who makes sure that youthfulness prevails in the entire unit. He is very supportive of his team members, and this is the reason Aayna Ka Bayna was shot in a very joyful atmosphere,” Umesh stated.

As a choreographer, Umesh has some very good films lined up for release in the coming months. They include Avdhoot Gupte’s Jai Maharashtra Dhaba Bhatinda, Rajendra Bandivadekar’s Dhamak, Abhijit Panse’s Rege, Ravi Jadhav’s BP and Sanjay Jadhav’s Duniyadaari among others.

On Marathi and Hindi cinema, Umesh observed that only money was the major difference between the two industries. “There is more money in Hindi films but Marathi cinema is too ahead in terms of content. There are some technical limitations, but once they are removed, Marathi cinema could become a very big industry. I think the audiences must also support Marathi films. They shall make it a point to watch a couple of Marathi films, at least the good ones, every month. This will definitely help the industry to flourish,” he suggested.

Before concluding the interesting conversation, Umesh shared his vision for his ‘dream project’. “I will be the choreographer, writer and director of the film. The script is ready. I will not divulge details about its title and genre, but you can note down that it will be an out-and-out commercial film that will make both producer and the audience happy. It will have a budget of around Rs 5 Crores, including a major share of marketing cost. I’m not going to compromise on any of its aspects, and therefore I’m in no hurry. I’m ready with the script since last three years and I can wait three more years.” Umesh said.