I would love to write my films – Saunskruti Kher

Posted on Jun 27 2013 - 10:57am by Reporter


Filmmaker Gajendra Ahire’s upcoming film Swami Public Limited will mark the debut of actress Saunskruti Kher in Marathi films. She plays a contemporary girl, who looks after the company’s public relations in the film, which will release later this year.

While talking to Rang Marathi, Saunskruti informed that earlier she did a short film titled Arranged Marriage, which had gone viral and got some six million hits on the internet. She has also done an independent film with Vinod Pandey, a protégé of filmmaker Anurag Kashyap.

Saunskruti is the granddaughter of yesteryear actress Usha Kiran. She also belongs to the family of Shabana and Tanvi Azmi. So how does it help? “I get scared whenever I’m reminded of these big names, because then people start expecting a lot from me. The responsibility increases manifold. But, at the same time, their vast experience is my biggest advantage. Shabana aunty and Tanvi aatya help me and my sister a lot in acting,” Saunskruti admitted.

Saunskruti has done theatre for three years with Nadira Babbar’s group and learnt everything from backstage jobs to acting from there. She also worked with Salim Arif’s Excel group and acted in one Javed Siddiqui’s play.

Saunskruti is also fond of writing and she has her own blog; Bit of this and that. “Hopefully, at some point of time, I would like to write my film. I’m already scripting a short film and will start work on it once I get a financer and the cast,” she said.

The actress, who thinks Marathi cinema is undergoing a drastic change, said she liked recent films like Anumati, Baalak-Paalak, Premachi Gosht, and Ekulti Ek. “As an actress, I want to do films in as many languages as possible. But I will also ensure that the films are good in content and compel the audiences to use their minds,” Saunskruti Kher said.