I make films for the larger audience – Satish Motling

Posted on Dec 4 2012 - 5:34am by Shailesh Narwade

Satish Motling is a man of conviction. He doesn’t want to travel the safe and traditional path; rather he will create his own. Ignoring the fears of many ‘well-wishers’, he made different kind of films like Agarbam and Matter, which were received very well by the audience. For the coming times, the passionate filmmaker has a range of unique films to present to movie-lovers. Rang Marathi talked to Satish Motling about his unconventional Marathi films.

“My next film to hit the screens is about pure and unconditional love, irrespective of religion, culture and social status. It’s an epic love-story. Marathi audiences have not seen anything like this before. In fact, Marathi films maintain a safe distance from love and romance. This film is based in 1970s. Siddharth Jadhav and Girija Joshi are the lead pair and most of the shooting was done in Satara district. It will be the best film of my career. Siddharth is a very passionate, dedicated and highly talented actor. He too has given an extraordinary and career-best performance in the film,” Satish said, and added that film is almost ready but he is in no hurry to release it.

Satish’s next film to go on floor is Jalgaon Sex Scandal. The film spans the period from 1992 to 2012 and is based on the infamous sex scandal that involved top bureaucrats and politicians among others. Lives of hundreds of girls and women were devastated in the scandal that was seen as a big shame for the State. “Half of the victims have ended their lives, and our film will speak about the conditions of the living ones also,” Satish stated.

Then, there’s an out-and-out action film titled Powder, which is about a group of youngsters, who come to know about a drugs deal, go there and escape with the drugs. “The film shows how and from where drugs come to India and how it is distributed across the globe. It will tell as what’s the Golden Triangle. Siddharth Jadhav will play the lead in this film too,” Satish informed.

His other upcoming projects include a love-story on teenagers titled Premacha Gulkand, a film on prostitutes called Chhamiyaa, which is currently in the writing stage, and the controversial Punhaa Radhabai Chawl, which will start once the script is cleared by the Censor Board. Almost all these films have been written by Sachin Darekar and directed by Satish Motling himself.

“I’ve come from the bottom of the society. I’ve closely seen the gap between rich and poor. I’ve funded my education by washing cars. I entered the industry at the age of sixteen and did all odd jobs on the sets while learning everything about films. I know how people live in chawl. Therefore I like to make films about them, or for them,” he said candidly.

“A few directors are making very good films. But most of the others are happy making mindless comedies. No one wants to tell people about the Jalgaon scandal or Radhabai Chawl? And when I show the courage, people say no one will see the film. Why?… Whether good or bad, but these issues exist in our society and we can’t ignore them,” Satish reasoned.

“In short, I’m not here to entertain a handful of high-class people. I make stylish, commercial films for the larger audience. And I believe in my films,” he said with confidence.

The director, who plans to work with Atul Kulkarni and R Madhavan in the future, also informed that he has founded a company named ‘Satisfaction’ that aims at becoming the launch-pad for all kind of film aspirants. “I see a huge potential in these struggling actors and technicians. I’m trying to slowly offload my work to my assistants. We have also started watching and discussing other’s films with the entire team in the spare time. Such exercises tell us as what is going on in the world cinema. I want to give opportunities to maximum number of aspirants and develop ‘Satisfaction’ on the lines of a studio,” Satish said.

On his dream project, Satish Motling said he planned a film titled Mumbai On Sale on Maharashtra’s statehood. “The local youth has no value for Mumbai or the State. This is the reason others have been ruling this city. I want to show as how some people have given their blood to build this State and how we are doing disrespect to their sacrifice and struggle,” he detailed.