I love to take risks, says Ankush Chaudhari

Posted on Sep 2 2013 - 10:51am by Shailesh Narwade


Ankush Chaudhari is undoubtedly among the dashing actors of contemporary Marathi cinema. Audiences have known him for his roles in Savarkhed Ek Gaav, Checkmate, Uladhaal, Zakaas, Ringa Ringa, Gaiir, and No Entry Pudhe Dhoka Aahe. The actor has doubled his fan-base with the latest super-hit Marathi film Duniyadari, in which he plays the much-lovable angry young man Digambar Shankar Patil aka DSP. Rang Marathi talks to Ankush Chaudhari on his upcoming film Jarab, his recent blockbuster Duniyadari, and his selected work as a director.

Ankush Chaudhari will be next seen playing the lead in Jarab, an action-thriller that releases on September 6. The film has been produced by Sachin Wagh and Dharmesh Babulal Singhvi, and directed by Prakash Panchal. “I play a corporate officer, who is forced to take up gun to take a situation to its logical end. Jarab has a very fast-paced story that puts some light on bigger and international problems like black-money and human trafficking. It’s basically the producer’s concept,” Ankush informed.

Touted as the first bond-movie in Marathi, Jarab has cinematography by Jitu Achrekar while Kedar Anand has written lyrics and also composed music for the film.

Action is one such genre, which almost every actor enjoys working in. Then why we have so few action-thrillers in Marathi? “Probably because of the risk associated with the genre in terms of business. But I like to take risks; and therefore I had films like Checkmate, Ringa Ringa, and Gaiir. I also make sure I perform all the action with my role. In Jarab also, I have done stunts and action.”

The actor said it’s a myth that Marathi audience didn’t want to see action-thrillers. “People like to watch good and well-executed stories, irrespective of their genres,” he said.

The biggest success of Ankush Chaudhari as an actor is Sanjay Jadhav’s Duniyadari, which has set new records for Marathi film industry. The film is running successfully in its seventh week across Maharashtra. When audiences leave cinema hall after watching Duniyadari, what mostly stays with them is Digambar Shankar Patil aka DSP. “It’s because everyone needs an angry young man. It’s surely an author-backed role and therefore the writer deserves credit for all the love and popularity that DSP has earned,” Ankush said.

He informed that in terms of box office collections, Duniyadari will be overtaking Mee Shivajiraje Bhosle Boltoy by the coming weekend. “We should surpass old records and set new ones, which are again bound to be broken by others. It’s a sign of growth for the industry. Therefore I think that competition should not mar the zeal behind such success,” Ankush maintained.

When pointed towards the increasing interest of corporates in Marathi films, Ankush said, “Corporates are putting money because they see business potential. After all what matters is proper planning and execution of the project. We did the same while making Sade Made Teen and therefore the Rs 1.1 crore film could earn Rs 6 crore,” he claimed.

Among Ankush Chaudhari’s upcoming films as an actor includes director Rajeev Patil’s Vanshvel.