Govt must scrap film subsidy; develop facilities – Chinmay

Posted on Oct 14 2012 - 5:32am by Shailesh Narwade

Pointing to an important issue, actor Chinmay Mandlekar said the State government should cancel the Rs 30 Lakh subsidy – that is given to Marathi films – and instead develop some good-quality infrastructure and production facilities to help Marathi filmmakers.

“Tax concession is okay, but the Rs 30 Lakh government subsidy is in fact deteriorating the standards of Marathi cinema. Now everyone wants to make a film, no matter how rubbish the content is. This has brought a flood of bad films,” Chinmay lamented.

The versatile actor, who will be next seen in Vijay Aso, continued,” On the other side, when genuine filmmakers come up with some brilliant films, they have to struggle to find cinema halls for their films. Therefore, I think, the government shall cancel the subsidy and instead use the funds to develop better production facilities and exclusive theatres for Marathi films. Even government itself can run such theatres,” he suggested.

Chinmay also said that the distribution of Marathi films needed to be made stronger because everyone’s hard work was wasted if films were not released in theatres.

He also appealed to the people, especially Marathi audience, to change their attitude towards films. “The so-called intellectual people don’t go to theatres. They download films from torrent and other websites, or simply buy pirated CDs or DVDs. We spend a lot of money and time to ensure that audiences get maximum value to their tickets. The audiences should also come to the cinema halls,” Chinmay desired.