Baavare Prem He is an intense love-story – Ajay Naik

Posted on Mar 29 2014 - 7:38am by Shailesh Narwade
A still from Baavare Prem He.

A still from Baavare Prem He.

Ajay Naik quit a lucrative job with a multinational IT company to pursue his passion for music and films. Starting as music composer, he soon turned producer with Marathi film Satrangi Re and subsequently wore the director’s hat with Lagn Pahave Karun. The filmmaker has now packed his bags and is about to start for Goa to shoot his next, Baavare Prem He. In an exclusive chat with Rang Marathi, Ajay Naik speaks about the new romantic love-story, its actors and music.

How’s the feeling of being awarded as a lyricist?

Zee Gaurav Puraskar is my second recognition as a lyricist. Earlier I got Radio Mirchi award for Satrangi Re. Actually, I’m a part-time lyricist. My focus is always on composing and direction. But while composing music, words come and go, knowingly or unknowingly. And when I feel the urge to put these words or feelings into a song, I write it down. Although, being an English-medium student, my vocabulary of Marathi is not very big! But it always feels good to be recognized for our work.

Why you decided to turn to direction from your second production itself?

When I left the job, the only plan I had in mind was to produce and direct films. But I had no formal background or training in direction. So I produced Satrangi Re and got myself involved with each and every department to learn the complete process of filmmaking. And when I knew I can do it, I started Lagn Pahave Karun. When I have a story, I know how to tell it the better way!

Ajay Naik

Ajay Naik

Tell something about Baavare Prem He?

All famous love-stories from across the world are tragedies; be it Romeo-Juliet, Heer-Ranjha, Laila-Majnu, or so. But still people love these stories and those characters. So we have a girl, who wonders as why this happens and she wants to study it. We also have a boy, who believes in the happy side of love. The two meet in Goa and fall in love. Now we have to see whether their love-story develops into a happy one or ends tragic.

Baavare Prem He is about the strong emotion called love; why people flow with its tide without worrying as where it will take them; and how it changes their lives forever.

Why Siddharth Chandekar and Urmila Kanetkar?

I always like to try new combinations of actors to bring freshness to the film. We did this in Satrangi Re and later in Lagn Pahave Karun also.

Baavare Prem He is an intense love-story, which needed fresh and dedicated actors. I found the pairing of Siddharth Chandekar and Urmila Kanetkar very interesting. Both these actors have different styles of acting but they have the vibrancy I was looking for.

Siddharth will be seen in a completely new avatar as he will be dancing on very energetic songs like we see in south Indian films.

What’s the production schedule?

We are leaving for Goa in a couple of days. We will be shooting for the whole April in Goa and Pune. Not yet decided on the release date but we will probably be looking for the post-August slot.

Do you think Marathi film music is reaching more people now?

Yes, to some extent, due to TV music channels like 9X Jhakaas and others. But there is scope to do a lot in this direction. I think radio channels should also start encouraging Marathi music. And filmmakers should make more soulful and well-picturised songs to attract the audience. Such songs are very helpful in marketing the film.